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Carbon Neutral

We are a certified CarbonNeutral® Company, which means all of the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) produced by our business are reduced to net zero by supporting a wind farm project in Nicaragua.

Located on the shores of Lake Nicaragua - one of the best wind resources in the Americas - the Amayo Wind Project is the first wind farm in the country and one of the largest in Central America. The project delivers clean electricity to Nicaragua’s national grid, and increases power supply in a country where there is a severe energy deficit. As the first wind farm in Nicaragua, the project facilitates an important technology and knowledge transfer to local people and industry

What does being ‘CarbonNeutral’ mean?

CarbonNeutral® certification is granted to businesses or organisations which have reduced their carbon emissions to net zero in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol.As part of this process, we complete an annual assessment of our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across our entire business operations (including our vans), followed by an offset-inclusive emissions reduction programme. This means for every tonne of GHG emissions that Green Man & Van produces, we purchase a verified carbon offset which guarantees the equivalent amount of GHG emissions is reduced from the atmosphere through a renewable energy or clean technology project.

Is carbon offsetting a legitimate way to reduce emissions or is it “green wash”?

Carbon offsetting complements our internal reduction strategy (such as using biodiesel in our fuel to reduce our emissions or cycling for quotes and visits) and help us build a leading carbon management strategy that meets best practices. Critically, it enables us to:

  • Reduce carbon emissions when internal reductions are too expensive or operationally disruptive.
  • Deliver the greatest impact on global emissions by supporting low-carbon projects.

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