Guide to caring for plants when moving home or office

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There is always a lot to think about when moving house and certain aspects can feel more overwhelming than others. It takes more to make a home than bricks and mortar, furniture, and appliances.  Plants and animals are important parts of the ecosystem of a home, and they too need careful transplantation into the new location.  In gardening -speak, plants can get “stressed” by harsh weather, being planted out, or simply outgrowing their pot. Here is our guide to including your plants in our stress-free approach to moving home.  If all your plants are in pots, then the approach is simple. However, you may want to move plants from your existing garden into your new garden.  Let’s consider all these factors.

Preparing your houseplants for moving home or office

If your houseplants are already all in pots and contained, then you will want to make sure they are hydrated before the move, but not directly before moving as this will increase their overall weight. Gathering sturdy crates and boxes will help you to organize your houseplants into moveable containers. Now is a good time to cut any back where needed, and check to see the pots are all sturdy for transit.

Making cones for the plants is a good way of protecting them in transit. Consider how when you buy cut flowers, they are in a paper or paper and plastic cone sheath. You can make this kind of a sheath for your plants with sturdy paper or bubble wrap, making sure their leaves and shoots are all contained inside for transit. Tape the bottom of the sheath to the base of the plant pot.  Newspaper or cardboard can also be helpful in this process, or for building up protective walls around the plants in their crates and boxes. Load your plants last into the removal vehicles and unload them first at the other end. Large heavy plants will need to be secured inside the vehicle and transported using a trolley.

What plants will come with you?

Light is a key consideration. In your new location, where will be the best locations for your plants? This can be easy for houseplants, but for plants in your garden, you may need to consider advance planning before you start digging up your borders. If you have time to draw up a plan, you can consider in advance where the light and sun fall in the new location throughout the day. This will give you an idea of how best to plan your garden and what plants can thrive there.  It would be a shame to uproot existing established plants if they are unlikely to thrive in their new location.

Discuss your plant moving plans with your removal company

Don’t leave the plants to be an afterthought with your removal team. Plants cannot be stacked like boxes and require special arrangements, so let them know so they can give you an accurate quote. They can assess the space and weight that will be involved once you have a clear idea of what plants will be coming with you. If you are moving plants out of an established garden and garden furniture too, it’s important to let any new buyers know in advance in case they were invested in those plants and garden furniture items.  Draw up a plan of the garden you are moving to and locate garden furniture in advance. This will be helpful on the day when directing your removal team.

Storing plants and garden furniture

Often moving house is not as simple as from A to B. We wish it was but often there is some stepping-stone activity involved. There may be interludes in Airbnbs or at other family members’ houses before the new home is ready, or while a renovation is taking place.  Downsizing before upsizing can also be a factor. If you need a solution in a stop gap, you could look for a removals and storage team that can store your garden furniture and keep your plants watered on your behalf. Flexible storage can so often solve the issues that arise when moving home is complicated.  Keeping garden tools and machinery in storage is also an option if it’s unlikely you will be using them for a season or two. Green Man and Van are happy to discuss with you storing your plants and garden furniture as part of a home removal package.

Transplanting outdoor plants

To preserve the root structures of plants, you must dig wide around the root ball. Water the soil in advance before you dig them up. Using large heavy-duty garden bags can be helpful to reduce weight in transit. These bags often come with woodchip or compost deliveries and can be reused again and again.  To protect the roots, you can wrap them in plastic bags and bubble wrap, particularly if it is cold.  If you are moving over the winter, then you will want to consider when the best time is to replant them in their new location.  Disrupting your plants fruiting and flowering cycles in the summer is not beneficial to plants in general. Move your plants that are ready for transit to a good location out of the way, but accessible when it comes to the day. When you get to the new location, establish a place for them where they are protected from the elements to stay until it is time to re-root them.

Planting trees as you move home

For each move over £250, Green Man and Van donate to Woodland Heritage to support their tree planting programs.  This way we are offsetting the carbon involved in the home move.  With our electric vehicles, we aim to keep our carbon emissions down, but there is always space for more trees in our vision.  Woodland Heritage aims to increase awareness about the importance of woodlands, their preservation, and their traditional uses in the timber industry.  As more people choose to move responsibly, we hope to benefit this important charity and increase the vitality of the woodlands here in the UK. Even if you are not moving plants from one place to another, by moving house with Green Man and Van, you are helping to plant and maintain English woodlands.

Green Man and Van – sustainable removals and storage in London

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