Eco-friendly ways to get around London

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The smooth level hum of electric vehicles is now part of the essential London experience. While the iconic red buses speak of timeless London, the leaded exhaust smoke and their rattling percussions is becoming a thing of the past.  London’s buses are now either low or zero-emission, changing air quality in the city and setting the scene for a carbon-neutral city of the future. Cycling has always been a great option in a city full of parks and green spaces, and now you can do it without even owning a bike. With London’s intention to lower emissions drastically over the next decades, there are innovative ways to get around London and to kick the ancient fossil fuel habit. Here are a few insights into green transportation in the metropolis.


  1. Superloop Bus Routes
  2. Cycling
  3. Walking
  4. Carbon zero taxi services
  5. London’s cycle rickshaws
  6. Green Van Hire
  7. Green Man and Van – Removals  and Storage in London

1. Superloop Bus routes

If you are not in the Superloop, then you will want to get in on it. As part of the restructuring of London through the Ultra Low Emission Zones, Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London is spearheading the Superloop Bus Route.  Reworking and improving existing bus routes, this network of express bus routes aims to make it speedy and smooth to be connected to public transport in the city.

SL4 route is set to open in 2025, but for now, there are great links, like from Heathrow Airport to Croydon, or North Finchley to Walthamstow.  With low cost and low emissions, but faster travel times, it makes public transport the smarter choice.


Sadiq Khan also aims to make London the world’s best cycling city. While there are many statements regarding improving road safety and expanding cycling routes, The London Cycling Campaign feel he needs to pedal a little harder to make these goals a certainty.  While the campaign celebrates that half of London wants to, or already does cycle they are pushing for deliverance on cycling infrastructure to make it possible. Recent figures show that a quarter of Londoners are already cycling, and another quarter aspire to.  London’s current cycleways can be found here.  The good news is that London is set to change and develop in this direction, so by choosing to cycle you can drive the momentum forward at this crucial stage.  Santander Cycles are also available to hire from 800 docking stations around the city. This way you can keep your investment low while using various forms of public transport.  At £1.65 for every 30 minutes, you can build up your cycle power before investing in a bicycle.  Check out the docking stations to plan your green route about town, and use the Santander app and a bank card to access your bike.


“Solvitur Ambulando” – It is solved by walking. This timeless phrase says it all really. What worked for the Romans, well it can work for us today.  Walking is safe, carbon neutral and good for both mental and physical health. Much-needed processing time happens when walking, in an increasingly overstimulated world. A city is known through walking its streets and with London’s plethora of parks and green spaces, there is a lot of inspiration to enjoy.

Go Jauntly is an app which features walking tours and walking challenges which are designed to bring a whole new perspective to London and engage the explorative spirit. Nature trails, industrial landscapes and historical intrigues all web together in the tapestry that is the capital city. Transport for London showcases a lot of these on its dedicated page, where you can learn a lot about the city before setting off to explore it on foot.

4.Carbon zero taxi services

Green tomato cars has been running a zero-emissions fleet of cars since 2020. They achieve this with a range of electric and hybrid vehicles, and by offsetting unavoidable emissions. Dedicated to providing sustainable passenger service, they can offer a courier service as well as international transportation for clients and businesses alike.  Electric London Taxis will get you exactly that, a black cab, without the karmic black marks.  Eco-friendly Black Cab hire in London for private and business customers. Sherbet – The Electric Taxi Company provides a similar service, emission-free transport in the elegance of state-of-the-art black cabs.  While black cabs and London buses have the signature of London nostalgia, they are moving to the leading edge when it comes to lowering emissions every day in the city.

5.London’s cycle rickshaws

While the outlandish pedi-cab is not part of a regular commuter’s journey, they are worthy of note as part of the ecological transit landscape of London.  An anarchic sector of transportation, inspiring artistry and possibly a bit of Artful Dodgery, Transport for London is set to regulate this unruly wing that delights in the nightlife of Soho and beyond. The Guardian declares; “They are the unicorns of London’s urban jungle, ferrying tourists from one selfie spot to another”. A departure from the classic rickshaw, they bring something of Burning Man into London, justifying their status with pedal power and in some cases electric batteries. How TFL will tame them is yet to be seen, but they do bring something to the Winter Wonderland of the city for visitors and revellers, and that too has its place.

6.Green Van Hire

Sometimes, circumstances need us to move things that just will not fit on a bus or a bike. In this case, an electric van hire company can help.  All electric vans will be exempt from the ULEZ charge and the Clean Air Zone Charge. Icompario can help you get a quote for an electric van. UK Car and Van rental have options close to the major London airports which could be helpful.  Investing in an electric van may be personally unfeasible, in which case, renting the van on occasion could be a perfect solution.

7. Green Man and Van – Removals and storage in London

Green Man and Van is leading the way in the removals and storage trade when it comes to lowering emissions and investing in electric vehicles.  For every move over £250, we donate £10 to the Woodland Heritage, as well as operating with electric vehicles within our range. We are the sustainable choice when it comes to London removals and storage. While the environment has long been our priority, it is not at the expense of our professional service. We offer Small Moves and larger domestic moves, and we can tailor a move to your needs, keeping your carbon footprint down as you change location. Plus, we can store your belongings if required in between moves and redeliver when required.  Currently, we can offer one month of storage free, when you book for 3 months. Check out our customer reviews to be assured that we keep our standard of customer service high and our rates competitive.  To discuss options with our team and to get a free no-obligation quote call us or use this form to get in touch today.  Together we can help London move into a greener future.