Established to provide customers with a service that serves the environment.

Green Man & Van is leading the way in sustainable practice. With our electrical vehicles, we leave outdated fossil fuels in the past, whilst supporting the preservation of national woodland and forest with our affiliation with Woodland Heritage. Join us in our commitment to a better world for ourselves and generations to come. 

Let’s Move Responsibly

Choosing to keep your carbon footprint low and support the environment means taking responsibility for our impact every step of the way.  

  • For every move over £250 we donate £10 to the Woodland Heritage 
  • Our vehicles are fully electric, including any cars used for providing quotes to our customers. 
  • All our packing materials are made from recycled materials which are then recycled after use. 
  • Green Man and Van operates with a paperless system

Woodland Heritage

Woodland Heritage is a British charity dedicated to managing and preserving English woodlands.  Protecting ancient species of trees and developing our own sustainable timber supplies, Woodland Heritage benefits animals, and wildlife, and supports woodlands into the future.  Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere, acting as a balancing agent for the carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. Protecting, preserving, and planting trees is key to meeting climate goals and sustainable practices.