Why choose a sustainable removals and storage company in London? 

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Interestingly, when it comes to climate change and mitigation, key factors are removal and storage. Removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing and transforming it through tree planting and other carbon off-setting projects.  Climate change is an issue that will affect everyone on the planet, and scientific consensus holds that to prevent major global damages, human caused C02 emissions need to fall by about 45 percent to reach goals of net zero.  While the removals and storage industry can’t literally remove and store carbon, it can move in a direction whereby C02 emissions are greatly reduced, and carbon offsetting projects are endorsed and supported.  This is the fundamental line of Green Man and Van, as we aim to move towards carbon neutral goals and sustainable practice. 


  1. What is Net Zero
  2. Your Carbon Footprint
  3. Carbon Offsetting
  4. Sustainable practice
  5. Changing consumer habits
  6. Challenging myths about moving house
  7. Why choose a sustainable removals and storage company?
  8. Green Man and Van Services 

1-What is Net Zero?

Net zero refers to the internationally agreed aim to mitigate global warming before it has disastrous consequences on life on Earth. Global warming is caused by the rise in C02 emissions, and while our emissions remain above zero, the temperature is rising.  Net zero can be reached by reducing human-produced C02 and balancing it by removing emissions from the atmosphere. Trees sequester (remove) carbon from the atmosphere, so protecting the forests, woodland, and rewilding land is key to removing carbon and reaching net zero.  Additionally, to ensure net zero remains, these changes need to be permanent, which will involve a major restructuring of lifestyles, industry, agriculture, and current working and living practices. 

2-Calculate your carbon footprint 

Every lifestyle choice and decision are relevant to this collective aim to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change.  Carbon emissions are connected to the vehicles we drive and their dependence on fossil fuels. Energy habits in the home also contribute to our carbon footprint, as does air travel and transportation.  However, every consumer decision is important because it is either inclined toward energy efficiency and a sustainable future, or it is on the trajectory of increasing emissions without removing them.  This will only make it harder to reach net zero in the short time that is forecasted, until 2050.  You can calculate your carbon footprint to get an idea of how much off-setting you can do to reduce your global impact. 

3-Carbon offsetting 

The idea behind carbon offsetting is that profit from companies or activities and lifestyles that produce carbon can financially support those that remove carbon from the atmosphere.  By endorsing and expanding these projects, the harmful effects of producing carbon emissions are mitigated.  Often carbon offsetting projects in developing countries are also supporting biodiversity, education and providing education, clean water, and job prospects.  This is an example of circular sustainable practice, where systems feed into each other, supporting, and creating overall benefits in the long term. 

4-Sustainable practice  

Essentially, heavy vehicles, used for transportation of worldly goods will add significantly to London’s carbon emissions.  It is a fact that the removal trade hinges on helping people move using heavy vehicles and skilled personnel.  While we can’t stop the world from turning, people from moving house, or needing a storage solution, we can offer our electric vehicle service as a solution.  At Green Man and Van, not only are some of our removal vehicles electric, but our surveyors drive Tesla cars. Meaning that we are drastically reducing the C02 emissions involved in moving house or office.  While this represents the reduction aspect of emissions, we also donate a percentage of our customer’s move to Woodland Heritage.  This way we are reducing our overall emissions and offsetting directly by supporting native English woodlands. 

5-Changing consumer habits with sustainable practice 

By providing Londoners with the option to reduce their emissions and offset while moving home, a new pathway is established.  As London adapts to the ULEZ zones, it also makes economic sense to use a company that is ULEZ-exempt.  With an emphasis on recycling our packing materials and a paperless system, we hope that other removals and storage companies will make the necessary changes to support a sustainable future.  It is through the small choices and decisions that the power of the consumer can affect large-scale change. Talk with our removals team about a removals plan that operates solely with electric vehicles. 

6-Challenging myths about moving house

Often, people feel the sustainable choice is a league above them. With all the costs of moving house, it may seem expedient to go for the cheapest option. However, Green Man and Van has always sought to deliver an environmentally friendly service without the bespoke price tag.  Quality service has always been part of our endeavor to bring a green edge into this industry, without additional costs.  In this way, we can help demystify the moving house process, which generally has a bad rap.  While our focus has always been to provide a sustainable service, we do not do it at the expense of a great moving house experience. A fresh start into a new future is fundamental to our overall ethos, and each family or office move we make is no exception. 

7-Why choose a sustainable removal and storage company?

Essentially, these are the fundamental reasons to choose a sustainable removal and storage company.  While it may seem like a luxury consumer choice, it is important to frame it in the evidence from the IPCC report which outlines the scientific consensus and collective goals for mitigating climate change in all our futures.  Get in touch with our team today for a quote and you can see how it compares to other competitors in the field. 

  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Offset your carbon emissions
  • Avoid unnecessary ULEZ charges during your move 
  • Recycle packing materials 
  • Be the change in the world that you wish to see
  • Support businesses that are changing their infrastructure to go Net Zero

8- Green Man and Van Services 

Green Man and Van can help you move house, office, or into storage. There is nothing stripped down about our service, we can offer our customers packing materials, delivery, and packing services as well.  A new start in life can bring you the opportunity to make changes.  Starting with how you make that move.  Let the Green Men lead the way as you move responsibly into new futures. 

  • Home removals: Home removals large and small, our team can assist you in changing address with a removal package that suits you and your family’s needs. 
  • Small Moves team: For a swift service, moving from a studio flat, or for a professional job, our small moves team will make light work of the maneuver. 
  • Storage services: Should you need storage during your transition time, or while you free up some space for a renovation, we can assist with storage, inventories, and redelivery, just at the right time. 
  • Property services: We have a network of skilled and verified handymen, decorators, plumbers, cleaners, and locksmiths on hand. This can make property management a breeze and take the edge out of any issues which can arise when changing location.  
  • Packaging and packing services: Our team can handle the packing for you when it comes to moving, plus we can supply you with packing materials ahead of the move.