The Ultimate Checklist for Moving House 

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If you have a house move on the horizon, that sense of moving towards such a big change can be overwhelming. When Green Man and Van are helping people move house, we have a clear strategy, and we have honed the process into an easy system. It is understandable, when moving house, that a little chaos creeps in, but that is why having an expert team and approach will stand you in good stead. Use this Moving House Checklist to steadily move through each stage and to keep everything flowing well. When moving home, it is important to have a positive start in your new place, and this is something we keep in mind when helping folks move house. 


  1. Moving House Administration list 
  2. Practical tasks list 
  3. Researching removals companies list 
  4. Packing procedure list
  5. Survival kit list 
  6. Loose ends list 
  7. Green Man and Van – carbon neutral removal and storage in London 

Moving House administration tasks 

Advance steadily in the face of procrastination.  Although you may feel you have a million things to do, putting this administration in place will help you. While these tasks are not the most riveting and don’t appear urgent, they are important, and getting them done will move you onto the next phase.  Officially changing your address will get the ball rolling. 

  • Set up the  Royal Mail re-direction service, so that your mail is heading to your new address from the date of your move, or slightly in advance. For a £36 investment, you can be sure that no mail slips through the net. You can apply 6 months in advance or 6 months after your change of residence. 
  • Change your address with your bank and building society. 
  • Insurance providers will need your change of address. Remember to change your address with your home insurance, car insurance, pet insurance, and roadside recovery services. 
  • Inform your local council of the date of your move to set up council tax payments at your new location and end your account at the previous. 
  • Set up utilities at your new address, so that you will be sure to have gas, electricity, and the internet when you arrive.
  • Apply for residents’ parking permits in your new area where required.
  • Register with the new health centre, so you can access a doctor when required.  Some research into your new local area will be helpful, using forums and social media as well as Google reviews and recommendations.
  • Organise end-of-tenancy cleaners if required. Green Man and Van have a range of property services which includes cleaners. 

Moving house practical tasks 

Save yourself time by getting ahead with this list. Somehow when it comes to the crunch, it seems there is never enough time for repurposing and recycling. If you can get ahead of the game, you will be able to redistribute things you no longer need with greater ease.  Only so much can come with you, and it is always necessary to purge some debris and stuff that has accumulated in your home.  

  • Start by decluttering. Consider which items are coming with you and what needs to be left behind. 
  • Find your local recycling centre and where good places are to donate clothes, books, and furniture. 
  • Consider a furniture collection from a local charity. Make an appointment with them for a collection. The  Salvation Army or the British Heart Foundation are operating in many places in London and nationwide. 
  • Use the floor plan of your new place to create a plan for where the furniture will go when it comes to moving day. This will help you direct your removal team, and if you can take measurements, you can check whether all the furniture you want to take can fit into the space. This is something you could discuss with your removal team. 
  • Having your packing materials in advance can help. You can slowly begin to pack up less used areas of the house and unleash the satisfaction of organized packing. Alternatively, you can use the packing services of your removals team. Green Man and Van can supply packing materials and pack on your behalf. 

Researching removals companies list 

Having the right team on hand will make all the difference. From planning and registering to packing and loading and unloading, peace of mind will be important as you move home. You may not be moving a lot of possessions and so may want to move without hiring a team.  Consider in advance if the vehicles you have, and the people power will be adequate for all the lifting involved.  If you are looking for a good removals team bear these things in mind. 

  • Check out their online reviews to see how they performed 
  • Check if they are registered with BAR – the British Associaton of Removers
  • Check if they are part of the Master Removers Group – a network of removals and storage companies with excellent resources and reputation
  • Compare quotes.  
  • Consider whether their vehicles are ULEZ exempt and electric, or fossil fuel reliant.
  • Consider if they can offer you storage and other services which may be important during your time of transition. 

Packing Procedure list 

Packing is something of an art form for the Green Men. Bring a formula into it and it will be much easier. Here is our recommended method if you are packing at home for your move. 

  • Assemble all your packing materials 
  • Pack room by room.
  • Label all boxes according to contents and room.
  • Make a packing inventory as you go. 
  • Work from the less occupied rooms towards the kitchen. 
  • Pack a survival box for moving house (see below). 
  • Unpack on the other side room by room, beginning with the kitchen.

Moving house survival kit

The lynchpin of a good moving strategy is to always keep the essentials with you, ready for set up. While the bedrooms, bathrooms, and garage materials can all get boxed up and put into the removal vans, keep your essentials with you in your car, so you can begin to set up on the other side.  What you may need to get going on the other side: 

  • Devices and all related chargers plus battery packs
  • Medications
  • Tea and Coffee
  • Toilet Paper 
  • Cleaning products and gloves 
  • Speakers or radio 
  • Food for the next days 
  • Bedding and towels for everyone
  • Bathroom essentials
  • Pet food 
  • Crockery and cutlery for each person 
  • Mugs and cups 
  • Basic DIY kit 

Loose ends list 

  • Take the meter readings as you leave your old house and take the meter readings at the new house. 
  • Submit these readings to your energy providers. 
  • Familiarise yourself with the parking restrictions in your new area. 
  • Get help with any issues arising in the new home with plumbing or DIY or redecorating.  Green Man and Van have a team of professionals as part of our Property Services that can help you get fully set up. 

Green Man and Van  – Carbon neutral removal and storage in London

This is our recommended guide to moving house, and the stages to consider. Green Man and Van are leading the way in London in providing a carbon-neutral removal and storage service. If your impact on the environment is important to you, consider us as your allies in keeping your carbon footprint low.  Our surveyors can provide you with a detailed quote and you can involve our team as much or as little as you want in the process. While we take environmental issues seriously, we do so hand in hand with our customer services. Read our reviews here.