Founded by friends who wanted to make a difference

Green Man & Van has always had environmental solutions at the heart of its operations.  However, this has never compromised our aim to provide excellent service or affected the competitiveness of our prices. 

Our Mission

Our intention is to change consumer habits and deliver exceptional service through our work. We used electrical vehicles long before they became popular and now with our electric Luton van, we are poised to navigate London’s streets, exempt from congestion and ULEZ charges.  Reducing our own emissions has been central to our development, initially through our affiliations with renewable energy. With our support of the Woodland Heritage, our customers are investing in the preservation and cultivation of woodlands here in the UK.  For London to reach net zero emissions by 2030, consumer decisions play an important role in our future. Together we can move, responsibly, towards those goals. 

The Future

Due to fossil fuel usage and heavy vehicles, the removals trade produces tons of CO2 each year.  Some vehicles can emit up to 1kg of carbon per km.  As people will always need removals and storage services, it is up to those in the industry to make the shift to protect the environment and demonstrate a better way forward. Green Man and Van are committed to transforming the removals and storage trade and meeting climate goals by reducing carbon emissions and demonstrating sustainable practice.  By keeping our services competitive, we offer this opportunity to all our customers.