Green Man and Van packaging is all recycled, and we take care to continue that cycle on.  With our strong durable paper tape, we can eliminate plastic tape from the waste that is so common when moving house.  Avoiding plastic and bubble wrap we minimize the use of non-degradable fossil fuel products.  It is our goal to set a new standard for the removals and storage trade in London, so eliminating single-use plastic tape is one of our victories. 

Although it can seem overwhelming to eliminate plastics, cut down your CO2, and sponsor woodlands, by choosing Green Man and Van you are already moving steadily in the chain to a greener future.  As London’s environmentally conscious and socially responsible removal and logistics company we build this into our service.  We pride ourselves on bringing this to London at no extra cost, making it possible for change to happen swiftly and simply.  Just like when we help you move house.